Stamp Duty Land Tax – Update
By Anna Newport 13/01/2015

The New Regime Chancellor George Osborne said that stamp duty will be cut for 98% of homebuyers in his Autumn Statement to the Commons.  These changes came into effect at midnight on the 3rd December 2014.   Before the Autumn Changes the amount of stamp duty payable jumped at certain price levels. This system has been replaced by a […]

What happens to the house on divorce?
By Timothy Wilton 12/01/2015

When couples divorce, they sometimes informally agree what will happen to the matrimonial home. They might agree that the wife should live there until the youngest reaches adulthood, that the property be sold and the proceeds be divided (not necessarily equally) or for the outgoing party to be ‘bought out’ by the person who stays. […]

Voluntary Registration of Land – England & Wales
By Tom Day

Over 85% of the land in England and Wales is registered at the Land Registry and the Land Registry has already registered 23 million titles. If the property you own is not registered at the Land Registry we strongly recommend that you make a voluntary application to register it… why?   Reasons to Register • […]

Collaborative Law – Alternative dispute resolution for divorce matters
By Barbara Stevens 17/12/2014

THE COLLABORATIVE APPROACH Separation is possibly one of the hardest life events most people will ever experience.  Following separation, there are many matters to sort out.  This can often be stressful and the thought of having to go through costly and difficult court proceedings only adds to the pressure. Court is not the only option. […]

Land Registry consult Hartley & Worstenholme on new proposals
By Timothy Wilton

Hartley & Worstenholme Senior Partner, Chris Wilton, has been consulted by the Land Registry ahead of it’s proposals for reform to Local Land Charges. The Land Registry is proposing widespread reforms of the way in which Local Land Charge records are searched – something which affects the vast majority of land transactions, from residential conveyancing […]

Small Business Rate Relief – are you overpaying?
By Timothy Wilton 09/12/2014

A survey by the Federation of Small Business (‘FSB’) in 2013 showed that 7% of small businesses were paying out more in business rates than they were in rent. Additionally, a further 6% said the business rates they paid were equivalent to rental payments. Research has shown that many small businesses don’t know about the […]

Joint Ownership of Property – for couples and investors!
By Timothy Wilton 04/12/2014

Joint Ownership of Property – for couples and investors! If you are considering purchasing a property with your spouse, partner, relative or friend, either as a home to live in or an investment property, there are some important things you need to know. When you buy a property with another, you will both be legal […]

Residential Property Update
By Anna Newport 19/11/2014

There has been a huge amount in the news lately about rising house prices and a mini-boom in the property market. Whilst we have always been able to hold our own in this area, our dedicated conveyancing team have noticed a definite surge in new transactions in our area, both for sales and purchases and […]

Changes to the Intestacy Rules – Important!
By Margaret Andrews 03/10/2014

The rules that apply if you die without a will changed dramatically on 1 October 2014. If you have a will, you don’t need to worry. If you don’t have a will, make an appointment as soon as possible!   Get in touch here to make an appointment. Print Friendly

Legal Aid update
By Timothy Wilton 10/07/2014

Since April 2013 there have been fundamental changes to Family Law and, more particularly, the way in which clients need to fund family matters. The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 removed Legal Aid from the majority of private family matters. In order to qualify for Legal Aid since April 2013, clients […]