If you have been living as a tenant in a Local Authority or Housing Authority property, you may have earned the right to buy the property outright. Usually this will be at a discounted price lower than the market value of the property. Your Local Authority or Housing Authority will be able to tell you if this applies to your individual circumstances.

It is usual for a Local Authority to only complete on a specified day of the week.

We will:

  • Obtain information from your seller’s Solicitor
  • Make appropriate searches
  • Check that the Local Authority. Housing Authority have good title
  • Obtain the transfer document from the Local Authority
  • Make the pre-completion legal arrangements and checks
  • Get the mortgage money from your new lender
  • Request any balance we need from you
  • On completion day, send the purchase money to the Local Authority
  • Register your ownership and mortgage at HM Land Registry
  • Send payment to HM Revenue and Customs for any Stamp Duty
  • Act for your lender to make sure their interest is properly protected