For your benefit or that of your family.

Trusts can be set up:

in your lifetime, for example;

  • Living together agreements
  • To hold property for minors, those living abroad or otherwise incapacitated
  • To pass property on to the next generation without losing control of it eg shares in a family company
  • To allow you and your spouse to benefit from property, while ensuring it passes on to your family on your death
  • To allow people you trust to look after your affairs at a time you are unable to do so without involving the Court of Protection

Or by will, perhaps;

  • To save tax
  • To allow people you trust to look after assets for the benefit of your children while they are young
  • To postpone decisions about who from your family should benefit and how until after your death, when the tax and financial position of family members is clearer
  • To allow trustees to look after your dependants, without giving them control of where the money goes after their death
  • To provide for handicapped, improvident, young or as yet unborn descendants