If you are reading this page you probably need to see a Notary Public urgently but are unfamiliar with who we are and what we do. Below the explain the workings of a Notary Public and how to make yor life easier should you need to contact one.

Who are we?

Most Notaries are also solicitors. As Notaries we hold a public office granted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. By signing and sealing a document a Notary gives credence to that document and it will (if the necessary formalities have been properly observed) be accepted without question in all jurisdictions around the world. The work of the Notary therefore is to deal with documents which will be used abroad.

Why do you need a Notary?

If you need to sign a document or provide evidence of some thing or fact which will be relied upon in an overseas country, but you sign the document outside that country, the receiving authority will require some certainty that the information contained in the document is intended and correct and that if the document shows it was signed by a named individual, somebody with authority has confirmed that this is indeed the case. It is a Notary Public who has that public authority. Thus clients will be asked to return documents to their overseas lawyer once they have been “notarised” or “legalised”.

Our Notaries

Christopher Wilton
Christopher Wilton
Senior Partner, Departmental Head – Commercial Department
Pontefract Office

Chris has over 30 years’ experience in commercial law matters. He has developed a wide network of clients and contacts and consequently acts on behalf of a large number of local individuals and companies as well as several national and international organisations. Chris is also a Notary Public, one of few in the Yorkshire region, which is an asset to the international companies he represents.

Chris acts on behalf of a number of farmers and land owners with extensive agricultural portfolios.

Away from the legal environment Chris is an ordained Anglican priest and, as a member of the Ecclesiastical Law Society, can provide valuable insight into ecclesiastical law matters. Chris is also a trustee of various local and national charities.

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Jonathan Sharp
Jonathan Sharp
Managing Partner – Commercial Department
Pontefract Office

Following a career in banking Jonathan joined the firm in 2004, qualified into the commercial department as an assistant Solicitor and was appointed Partner in 2010 and Managing Partner  in 2017.  Jonathan is also a Notary Public and one of a few in the North who is able to serve a number of clients requiring notarial services.

Jonathan specialises in all aspects of Land/Property Law, dealing mainly with commercial property work where Jonathan has developed a sound following due to his ability to advise and negotiate complex lease and business acquisition transactions in a constantly changing marketplace.

Jonathan acts for a number of clients with large commercial property portfolios, advising on sales and purchases; all aspects of leases and lease renewals (both landlord and tenant); Authorised Guarantee Agreements; business sales and purchases and partnership agreements.

Jonathan also manages a residential property caseload and prides himself on his ability to deal with matters quickly and efficiently.

Jonathan sits on the board of a number of local voluntary organisations.

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