Sadly the number of people suffering from diseases caused by contact with asbestos dust over the years is still continuing to increase.

It may be that if you have suffered an illness as a result of contact with asbestos dust then you are entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Unfortunately some years ago the Courts decided that mere contact with asbestos dust is not enough.  If that has produced a thickening of the lung, a condition commonly known as “pleural plaques”, that by itself does not entitle you to receive any compensation.  If however sadly an illness has developed that is causing symptoms or indeed you have developed a condition known as mesothelioma then you may be entitled to compensation.

We would be able to assist you in relation to any claims.  We would initially see you to go through your work history to see when you were exposed to asbestos and who you were working for at the time, and then to discuss the condition that you are suffering from and the best ways of obtaining the most compensation not only for yourselves but in the event of death for those that you leave behind.

In terms of these claims sometimes time is very much of the essence.  If you feel that you have such a claim or you wish to make such a claim then please arrange to see Peter Ward at our Pontefract Office.  We may be able to assist you under what is known as a No Win No Fee Agreement but this is something we would discuss with you at the time.