At some stage of your home ownership you may wish to change the number of people owning the property, whether this be adding a name to the title or taking a name away. We can help.

We will:

  • Correspond with your lender regarding the change of name (if staying with your current lender you will need their consent)
  • If adding a name, comply with the lender’s requirements
  • Obtain search insurance if your lender needs this
  • Obtain any further advance being issued by the lender
  • Request any balance due from you
  • If a name is being removed, account to the exiting party for any moneys agreed between you that are due on completion
  • Pay any stamp duty land tax that may arise as a result of the transfer
  • Register the change of ownership at HM Land Registry
  • Act for your lender to make sure their interest is properly protected

If you are not staying with your current lender, a remortgage would be involved.