A Notary will deal with a number of different documents and requirements. The most common activities comprise:

  • Witnessing the signature of documents
  • Authenticating (or confirming the truth of) facts set out ion a document or certifying copies of originals
  • Administering oaths and declarations
  • The Notary will have to satisfy himself that the client understands the nature of the document or that documents provided to him are valid. It is not a rubber stamping exercise! The Notary will formally identify the individual who has to sign, usually, by means of a passport and some other document which confirms a residential address. In the case of a document to be completed by a company the Notary will need to satisfy himself that the individual.

In addition the Notary will advise on what requirements will be necessary to ensure that the document is in an acceptable format in the receiving country. This may require a further document or a specific certificate being prepared. It may also require Legislation.