Empty and Tenanted Homes

If you own a residential property and don’t live there (you might be intending to refurbish it and move in later or perhaps you have a tenant in, or mean to get one) you may welcome an anti-fraud initiative recently introduced by Land Registry.

If your property is registered at Land Registry you can apply for the entry of a “Form LL restriction” on the registers of your title. This requires solicitors and conveyancers to certify that they are satisfied that the person who signed the document submitted for registration of a transfer of the property is the same person as that named as the registered proprietor. There is no Land Registry fee payable for the registration of this restriction. The request is made using Land Registry form RQ.

Land Registry says “this initiative is designed to encourage those who feel their empty or tenanted property might be at risk, to do something to prevent it from being stolen unawares”. We think this is a good idea and recommend that you register such a restriction if you own empty or tenanted homes.

You can apply for the same restriction on any other property you own including the house you live in but in those cases a £50 Land Registration fee is payable.

We should be pleased to help you should you wish it. Feel free to contact a member of our residential property or commercial departments.