Land Registry and Property Alert Service

Why not sign up to HM Land Registry’s free Property Alert Service to help protect your property from fraud?

If a property is registered land at HM Land Registry you can:-

• Monitor it.
• Monitor a relative’s property (you do not have to own to set up an alert).
• Monitor up to 10 properties.

You will need to set up a Property Alert Account on line with HM Land Registry.

HM Land Registry will send you an email when there is significant activity on the property (such as the taking out of a mortgage on it).

The alert will tell you what has been applied for, who the applicant is and the date and time that the application was received.

You will then need to decide if the activity is potentially fraudulent and act quickly if you think it is. The alert email will tell you who to contact.

More information can be obtained through the following link:-

If the property you wish to monitor is not registered, or if you are unsure, please contact us and will can help.