If you believe that you are being unfairly treated at work or if you have lost your job then we are only too happy to assist you.  Unless you feel that you have lost your job as a result of you being discriminated against either because of age, sex, religion, health or on any other basis then you must have been in continuous employment for a minimum period of 2 years.

It may be that you feel that you are being bullied or harassed at work or that you are being put in a position where you can no longer continue to work for your employer.  If such behaviour by your employer amounts to them effectively repudiating your contract of employment, for example they have not paid you your wages, then it may be that you have been constructively dismissed.  Again we would be able to advise you as to whether indeed that is the case, whether you could then leave your job and seek compensation.

It may be that your employer is doing something that you feel is wrong and that you wish to “whistle-blow” on his behaviour.  Again we would be able to advise you.   Bullying and harassment is something that you should not have to tolerate at work and again we can advise you.

A lot of employment disputes are resolved by mediation and/or negotiation with your employer thereby resulting in them being settled quickly and at little expense to you.  This is something that we would be able to assist you with.  It is important that you seek advice either before your employment is terminated or upon it being terminated as a general rule any claim to an Employment Tribunal has to be brought within 3 months of the date of dismissal and so time is very much of the essence.

We may be able to initially advise you under our fixed fee scheme of £90 plus VAT.  We would discuss with you at that interview other ways of funding any claim that you may wish to bring including funding such claim on a No Win No Fee basis.

Sometimes you agree with your employer that your employment should come to an end and your employer will prepare and hand to you what is known as a Settlement Agreement.  We are able to assist you in going through the Settlement Agreement with you, advising whether what is being offered is a correct level of compensation and explaining the effects of the Agreement to you.  In such cases our costs are normally paid by your employer as part of the Agreement.

For more information or to discuss your employment situation please contact our office on 01977 732222.  Our Peter Ward is available to see you at our Pontefract Office.